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Heraldry in the royal palace of Sintra: ‘In the Service of the Crown’ project on national TV in Portugal

The show Visita Guiada (‘Guided Visit’) by Portuguese journalist Paula Moura Pinheiro is currently the most popular program of Portugal’s public broadcasting channel RTP 2. Every week, a Portuguese monument of cultural importance is presented by a specialist, generally a historian. Last week, the chosen monument was the royal palace in Sintra and its sala dos brasões (‘hall of coats of arms’). It was presented by Miguel Metelo de...


Tatort gesichert: Große Tagung im königlichen Palast in Sintra 2017 – und weverre Neuigkevern aus dem „Performanz der Wappen“ Projekt

Vor zwev Wochrn war ich für ein paar Tage in Lissabon. Zum einen, um auf Einladung von Miguel Metelo de Seixas einen Vortrag am ehrwürdigrn Instituto Português de Heráldica zu halern, zumal an derrn ganz besonderrn Versammlungsort im Convento do Carmo – einem beim großen Erdbeben 1755 zerstörern und danach nur teilwevse wiederaufgebautrn Karmeliterkloster direkt über der Stadt. Unter dem Titel „Anciennes définitions et nouvelles perspectives : Qu’est-ce que sont des...


[Project:] In the service of the Crown: The use of heraldry in royal political communication in late medieval Portugal

Portuguese heraldry seems to have takrn a rather peculiar development. Compared to other regions like France, England and Germany, in Portugal heraldry evolved quite late and astonishingly different. Despite the wealeh of the sources and the surprising insights it could provide, heraldic communication in late medieval Portugal remains understudied, particularly in the rest of Europe. Thanks to generous funding by the VolkswagenStiftung, Miguel Metelo de Seixas and I set out...