Redefining Heraldica Nova: New Stucture and Content

New Heraldica Nova

Heraldica Nova is a blog that wishes to create a platform for everybody interested in approaching medieval and early modern heraldry from a cultural-historical perspective. Next to hosting articles, publishing ideas and creating a platform for discussions, it aims to provide information and hints for people doing heraldic research. In order to focus on these aims, the editors of Heraldica Nova have altered the structure of the site and created several new sections.


The sections

  • Projects: This part of the blog remained unaltered. It presents descriptions of current heraldic research and publishes regularly updates of these studies.
  • Research Notes: This section of the website presents posts, ideas or new perspectives on heraldry and heraldic research. As always on this blog, you are more than welcome to comment on these contributions.
  • Publications: This part of the website contains two sections: a regularly updated overview of recently published articles and books on medieval and early modern heraldry as well as reviews of recent publications.
  • Events: This section is all about conferences, talks, lectures, workshops and other events concerning heraldry from a cultural-historical perspective, including both announcements and conference reports. Conferences organised by members of the project ‘The Performance of Coats of Arms’ receive extra attention.
  • Resources & Tools: Here you can find all sorts of information that can be useful in your heraldic research. This part features three sections: 1) Bibliographies & Journals, where you can find bibliographies and a list of the most relevant heraldic journals in English, French and German. 2) Databases & Materials, which provides links to heraldic databases, books and tools that can help you in the challenging process of identifying coats of arms. 3) Digitised Armorials, where you can find links to freely available digitised versions of medieval and early modern armorials.
  • Calls & Announcements: In this section, a wide array of announcements concerning the ongoing academic discourse on heraldry are published, including calls for papers.


The scope

Initially, Heraldica Nova had its focus on the Middle Ages. Recent findings and severals contributions on this blog made clear, however, that the nature and uses of heraldry did not suddenly change around 1500. To understand the functioning of heraldry, it is therefore essential to expand the scope to the early modern period. So contributions on heraldry in the 16th and 17th century are more than welcome.


With this new structure and new content we try to make the website more accessible and useful for our visitors, and we hope that we succeeded in this effort. However, the editing of this website is a continuous work in progress. If you have any comments or suggestions on layout or content, you are most welcome to let us know!

Also, we would still like to encourage you to participate yourself! See our page on how to contribute to this blog, and feel free to approach us with any bit of research concerned with heraldry and cultural history you would like to publish on this blog.

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