Héraldique et numismatique II

Heraldique et numismatiqueThe second volume of Héraldique et numismatique, Moyen Age-Temps modernes is out now. Edited by Yvan Loskoutoff, this work deals with the interesting theme of the uses of heraldry on coins, medals and seals. It contains twelve contributions that treat the various aspects of this topic from the 12th to the 17th centuries. The book concentrates on three geographical areas. The first four articles have their focus on France, providing insights on the seals and medals from Louis IX to Charles V (Christian de Mérindol), the ‘piéd-forts’ of King Philip VI (Marc Gil), emblematic discourse on coin-shaped fabrications (Laurent Hablot) and heraldry on the frontispieces of theses in the 17th century (Véronique Meyer).


The second part concentrates on the areas around France, with articles dealing with heraldry, numismatics and sillography in the Latin Orient in the 12th and 13th centuries (Joëlle Bouvry), seals and coins of the 13th century Lorrainian Duke Ferry III (Jean-Christophe Blanchard), the iconographic relations between the coins and seals in medieval Brittany (Gildas Salaün) and heraldry in the seals of the Portuguese clergy (Anísio Miguel Saraiva, Maria do Rosário Morujão and Miguel Metelo de Seixas).


The last four articles focus on heraldry on medals, coins and seals in Italy, treating the case of Carrara of Padua in the 14th century (Andrea Saccocci), the Patriarchate of Aquileia from the 13th to the 15th centuries (Lorenzo Passera), heraldry and antique ornaments on 15th century medals (Ludovic Jouvet) and the medals of pope Gregory XIII (Yvan Loskoutoff).


Héraldique et numismatique, Moyen Age-Temps modernes, Yvan Loskoutoff (ed.), Mont-Saint-Aignan, Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, 2014.



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