[Publication:] François Boniface, Les Rois de la Fête de l’Épinette de Lille

ms 7 epinette prospThe well-known armorials of the Epinette reproduce with some differences a manuscript presented to the city council of Lille by Nicolas Tournemine and Jean de Villers in January 1566. The oldest version of these armorials, which may have served them as model, was drafted and painted by Gaspard Dubois, pursuivant of arms of the city of Lille, at the end of the fifteenth century, but disappeared long ago.

Between 1283 and 1486, the feast of the Epinette in Lille was an annual occasion for jousts and tournaments offered by the upper class and wealthy bourgeoisie. The names and coats of arms of the champions – the so called “Kings of the Epinette” – have been recorded in those manuscripts. Since that time, the coats of arms associated with those names have led to some genealogical misinterpretations and mistakes. François Boniface now presents the list of the names of the champions and their coats of arms in a more accurate way.

Les  Rois  de la  Fête  de  l’Épinette de Lille, 1283- 1486, Biographies, héraldique, sigillographie, by François Boniface, in collaboration with Dominique Delgrange and Jean-Marie Van den Eeckhout, preface by Mireille Jean, director of the Archives départementales du Nord.

Paperback, fully illustrated with more than 200 biographical notes. Coloured heraldic pictures, seals. (€36 plus shipping).

A publication by CGHW, Wasquehal:

CHGW Genealo 59-62-B
Maison des associations
17 rue Jean Macé


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