Digitized armorials list restructured with an expanded focus

München, BSB, cgm 9460, p.7

München, BSB, cgm 9460, p.7. The Fugger family book. A manuscript from the mid-16th century with a collection of coats of arms

Libraries and archives industriously digitize manuscripts and therefore our digitized armorials list is continuously expanding. Since last year, the list has grown from only a couple of entries to 70 armorials. To maintain an overview on this amount of armorials, we have decided to break the list down. It is now categorized by centuries. Clearly, the majority of the digitized armorials date from the 15th century, but hopefully more manuscripts from the 13th and 14th centuries will be digitized in the future.

Up to now the main focus has been on medieval armorials. However, the phenomenon of collections of coats of arms in manuscripts does not stop at 1500. On the contrary, in the 16th and 17th centuries a lot of armorials were produced and many of them have been conserved in libraries and archives. We will start including these early modern armorials in this list. This will be a gradual process, since the number of these digitized armorials is so large, but bit by bit the digitized armorials list will continue expanding.

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