[Paper:] Heraldic Display as a Part of Festive Decoration in Villa Lanthieri in Vipava (Helena Seražin)

Serazin_image1The visit of Emperor Leopold I to Carniola and the County of Gorizia in the autumn of 1660 encouraged local aristocracy to modify their homes and embellish them with artworks. On his way from Ljubljana to Gorizia the emperor with his escort spent one night in Lanthieri villa at Vipava. To honour this visit and show his loyalty to the Emperor, Antonio Count Lanthieri decorated the ground floor ceiling salone with a large mural of the Habsburg coat of arms. Moreover, near his villa in Vipava, Antonio built a late-Renaissance casino and decorated almost all ground-floor rooms with an extensive frescoe cycle. While programme of frescoes in casino was selected in accordance with the tradition of murals Venetian terraferma villas, which can be followed from the 16th century onwards, it also includes coats of arms of most prominent Gorizian noble families related to the Lanthieris, which are depicted in the oval fields with stucco frames over the entrances to corner rooms; they are arranged in such a way that they can be read as the genealogical tree of the family. While frescoes in Lanthieri villa exhibit a programme that glorifies the loyalty of Antonio Lanthieri to the Haus of Habsburg, the frescoes in the casino celebrate the Lanthieri family.

Dr. Helena Seražin works as Senior Research Fellow at the France Stele Institute of Art History at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana. Along her research activities she gives lectures in art history at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. In her research she concentrates mostly on 17th and 18th century Venetian sculpture and architecture and on 16th–17th century fortification. Among other she is currently managing the project of Slovene topographical artistic inventories and co-managing EU project Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement – MoMoWo.

The paper will be given at the international workshop: Heraldry in Medieval and Early Modern State-Rooms: Towards a Typology of Heraldic Programmes in Spaces of Self-Representation – Münster, Germany, 16-18 March 2016

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