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Nassau-Vianden armorial accessible online!

Earlier this year the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague acquired the Nassau-Vianden armorial. This fascinating manuscript is now digitized and accessible online at the website of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. On this website the presentation of the armorial is accompanied by an introduction and some details on the content, of which a brief summary follows below. The armorial displays the ancestors of count Engelbrecht II of Nassau (1451-1504), of both the...

Visible Identites conference, London. (2017) 0

[CfA:] Visible Identities: Symbolic Codes from Personal Heraldry to Corporate Logos, London, 6 November 2017 (Programme)

This day conference at the Society of Antiquaries will consider the ways in which identity since c. 1100 has been, and continues to be, expressed in outward visible formats, principally heraldry. The opening address will be delivered by Claire Boudreau, Chief Herald of Canada, on development of the country’s visual symbolic identity. The following contributions will consider the development of sign systems of identity and their uses from the...


Heraldry in the royal palace of Sintra: ‘In the Service of the Crown’ project on national TV in Portugal

The show Visita Guiada (‘Guided Visit’) by Portuguese journalist Paula Moura Pinheiro is currently the most popular program of Portugal’s public broadcasting channel RTP 2. Every week, a Portuguese monument of cultural importance is presented by a specialist, generally a historian. Last week, the chosen monument was the royal palace in Sintra and its sala dos brasões (‘hall of coats of arms’). It was presented by Miguel Metelo de...


[CfA:] You can contribute to Heraldica Nova, too!

We are very happy to say that Heraldica Nova is becoming more and more popular amongst the international community of heraldists, historians, and enthusiasts engaging with heraldry in the medieval and early-modern era. In March, we were able to welcome over 9,000 unique visitors! Of course, this interest would not be possible without the fascinating contributions and invaluable comments of people  from around the world that have made Heraldic...


Recent publications – Update May 2017

Books Barbattini, R., M. Ghirardi and G. Giovinazzo, Api delle città. La figura dell’ape nell’araldica civica italiana (San Godenzo, 2016) Büchner, Robert, Das Münchner Boten- und Wappenbuch vom Arlberg (Frankfurt, 2016) Fragale, Luca Irwin, Microstoria e Araldica di Calabria Citeriore e di Cosenza. Da fonti documentarie inedite (Milano, 2016) Articles and chapters Barovier Mentasti, R., L. Borelli, C. Tonini, ‘Dating the Venetian Rovere Flask at The Corning Museum of...


[CfA:] 1st International Congress on Heraldry – 1er Congrès International sur l’Héraldique – May 13/14, 2017 (Programme)

The programme of the 1st International Congress on Heraldry is now available. The conference will take place in the Sala degli Avi of Palazzo Altieri, Oriolo Romano (Viterbo), on Saturday 13 May 2017. On the following day, Sunday 14 May, there will be the Simposio annuale sull’attualità dell’araldica. See the full programme on the poster below.  


[Paper:] Jean-Luc Liez: Blason et œuvre d’art, une identification évidente ? – Paris, 16 mars 2017

Une conférence organisée par la Société française d’héraldique et de sigillographie (SFHS).   Lieu: Archives nationales, « Salle d’albâtre » du CARAN – 11, rue des Quatre Fils, Paris 75003   Date: 16 mars 2017, Entrée libre à 17 heures, dans la limite des places disponibles


Matthew Paris and others now in Digitised Armorials list

The manuscript London, British Library, Royal MS 14 C VII is now added to the Digitised Armorials list. The manuscript contains the entire Historia Anglorum (covering 1066-1253) and the last part of the Chronica Majora (covering 1254-1259). It is identified as an autograph of Matthew Paris (d. 1259), monk in the abbey of St. Albans. The manuscript contains coats of arms in the margins, 95 in total[1]. These make...


[Paper:] Torsten Hiltmann: Heraldry and Materiality – Oxford, 1 March 2017

In recent years the concept of materiality has become more and more important in historical research. In going beyond the study of texts and images, scholarship now also addresses the materiality of their media, as well as the role physical objects may have played in different historical settings. This talk will explore the relationship between coats of arms and the concept of materiality. First, the talk will focus on...


[Paper:] Lucie Jardot: Les sceaux des comtesses de Flandre et de Hainaut (XIIIe-XVe siècles). Des représentations princières au pouvoir politique, le discours par l’image et ses problématiques matrimoniales – Paris, 16 février 2017

Comme la plupart des femmes de leur rang, les comtesses de Flandre et de Hainaut, se dotent à l’occasion de leur mariage d’un sceau les représentant, jusqu’au milieu du XIVème siècle, en pieds accostées des armes de leur père et de leur époux. Après cette période on assiste à la modification de ce modèle. Dès lors, ce type de figuration est abandonné au profit de l’héraldique. Cette intervention est...


[Paper:] Display, Deface, Destroy: Heraldische Kommunikation als Medium adeliger Repräsentation und städtischen Protests – Münster, 01.02.2017

Obwohl die Heraldik in der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung beinahe exklusiv in den Sphären von Rittertum und Adel verortet zu sein scheint, waren Wappen doch auch in der Stadt des Mittelalters ein allgegenwärtiger Anblick. Stadtbürger waren von ihrem Gebrauch keineswegs ausgeschlossen: Tatsächlich zierten die Wappen der Bürgerfamilien und ihrer korporativen Zusammenschlüsse wie Gilden, Bruderschaften und, in Gestalt des Stadtwappens, der Bürgergemeinschaft selbst in vielerlei Form die Türme und Tore, Rat-, Zunft-...


Recent publications – Update December 2016

We are approaching the final days of 2016 and this calls for an update in our recent publications section. This list contains publications on heraldry as well as articles and books in which heraldry plays a supportive part. It provides an overview of interesting reads that have been published since our last update, including recent publications that we missed last time but definitely deserve mentioning. Thanks to the support...

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