Author: Maurizio Carlo Alberto Gorra


[CfP] 2nd International Congress about Heraldry – 2ème Congrès International sur l’Héraldique – October 5, 2019 (invitation and program)

The program of the 2nd International Congress on Heraldry is now available. The conference will take place in the Palazzo Pretorio, Buggiano (Pistoia – Italie), on Saturday 5 October 2019. See the full programme on the poster below. L’argomento può essere affrontato sotto qualsiasi aspetto inerente a stemmi, imprese e raffigurazioni affini, anche sotto un’ottica storica, artistica, architettonica, giuridica o similari, purché connessa a situazioni iconografiche “di periferia” o...


A dream’s armorial: The heraldic paintings of the Galleria dei Papi in Oriolo Romano (Viterbo, Italy)

In central Italy, between Rome and Viterbo, a land of forests frequented and feared for millennia[1] includes a town of dreams. This is Oriolo Romano, built in 1562 by the roman nobleman Giorgio Santacroce who gave stable accommodation to the seasonal huts of lumberjacks by a new town in line with Renaissance ideals. Three parallel streets converge on the square of the princely building in a trident structure similar to...


[CfP:] Oriolo Romano (Viterbo, Italy) – 1st International Congress on Heraldry – 1er Congrès International sur l’Héraldique – May 13/14, 2017

(French Version below) The Congress will take place in the Sala degli Avi of Palazzo Altieri, Oriolo Romano (Viterbo), on Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th 2017. The first day will be dedicated to the papers of the participants to the Colloquium. The second day, to the Simposio annuale sull’attualità dell’araldica. Program First day: Saturday 13 may 2017 – Conference. Religious heraldry in the Galleria dei Papi of palazzo Altieri and in art of every time and country The...

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