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News on “Heraldica Nova” and the “Coats of Arms in Practice” Project

Lately it has become a little quieter on Heraldica Nova. This was partly due to the effects of the Corona pandemic, which has not left us unaffected as well, but above all to the relocation of the research project “Die Performanz der Wappen” from Münster to Berlin to the Humboldt University, where Torsten Hiltmann was appointed to the Chair of Digital History. As some time has passed since the...


Digitale Heraldik. VolkswagenStiftung bewilligt Fortsetzung des „Performanz der Wappen“ Projektes

Eine Mitteilung in eigener Sache: Bereits seit längerem arbeite ich ja daran, die neuen kulturhistorischen Ansätze zur mittelalterlichen Heraldik mit den Methoden der Digital Humanities zu verbinden und zu erweitern. Diese Bemühungen waren unter anderem Gegenstand eines Antrags bei der VolkswagenStiftung zur Fortsetzung des Projektes „Die Performanz der Wappen“ in genau diese Richtung. Ich freue mich sehr, nun mitteilen zu können, dass dieser Antrag bewilligt wurde. Die VolkswagenStiftung wird...


[Paper:] Torsten Hiltmann: Heraldry and Materiality – Oxford, 1 March 2017

In recent years the concept of materiality has become more and more important in historical research. In going beyond the study of texts and images, scholarship now also addresses the materiality of their media, as well as the role physical objects may have played in different historical settings. This talk will explore the relationship between coats of arms and the concept of materiality. First, the talk will focus on...


Die heraldische Inszenierung eines radikalen Adelskonzeptes? Offene Fragen zum Obsequientraktat Comment les obseques se doivent faire (15. Jh.)

(English summary below.) Im Folgenden soll es um einen kleinen Traktat aus dem 15. Jahrhundert gehen, der mich schon lange umtreibt und dessen Rätsel ich mit diesem Blogbeitrag (und dem erhofften Feedback darauf) weiter zu erhellen hoffe. Denn der Text enthält eine Vorstellung von Adel, die mir in dieser Weise, oder besser gesagt in dieser Radikalität, bisher unbekannt war. Zugleich ist er für die kulturhistorische Heraldik interessant, da er...


Heraldry in ceiling paintings – a panel discussion at the 6th conference of the RCPPM in Montpellier (October 18, 2013)

At the 6th conference of the RCPPM, there will be a panel discussion on noble heraldry which I will attend as a panellist as well. The RCPPM (Charpentes et plafonds peints médiévaux) is an association dedicated to ceiling paintings and illustrated beams – a “lieu des images” which has been rediscovered as a source for historical and art-historical research only some 20 years before. The association wants to promote...


Research Project: Coats of arms in practice. The history of heraldic communication in late medieval culture and society (12th to 15th centuries)

Summary: The aim of this project is to reassess medieval heraldry from a historical perspective. Drawing on cultural history in its approach, it shall unlock the value of heraldic sources and make them available to medieval scholarship. Combining the analysis of images, artefacts and architecture with written sources, and drawing together history, art history and philology, the project addresses the central question of how these once arbitrary signs could...

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