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Wappengeschmückte Gedenkaufzeichnungen in der Schweiz

Die Dissertation von Rainer Hugener “Buchführung für die Ewigkeit. Totengedenken, Verschriftlichung und Traditionsbildung im Spätmittelalter” (2014) liegt erfreulicherweise Open Access vor (PDF). S. 303-391 gibt es ein Gesamtverzeichnis der dem Autor bekannt gewordenen Schweizer Gedenkaufzeichnungen bis 1800 (Jahrzeitbücher, Nekrologien usw.) unter Einschluss von Konstanz. Über die Volltextsuche nach Wappen findet man wappengeschmückte Jahrzeitbücher, von denen es nicht nur das besonders qualitätvoll illustrierte von Uster gab. Wappenzeichnungen als “Verweiszeichen” behandelt...


L’arme segreta. Araldica e storia dell’arte nel Medioevo (secoli XIII-XV), éd. Matteo Ferrari, introd. Alessandro Savorelli, collab. Laura Cirri, Firenze, Le Lettere, 2015, pp. 350.

Cet ouvrage collectif, issu des journées d’étude organisées au Kunsthistorisches Institut de Florence et à la Scuola Normale Superiore de Pise en 2011, représente probablement le premier volume entièrement consacré au rapport entre héraldique et histoire de l’art. Diffusées au Moyen-Âge sur tout genre de support et dans tous les milieux sociaux, les armoiries constituaient une composante essentielle de l’horizon visuel de l’homme médiéval. Leur présence n’était presque jamais...


Recent publications – Update October 2015

In the second post of this section we listed books and articles on medieval and early modern heraldry that have been published over the last year. Behind some of the titles you can click on the link for more information on the publication, such as summaries on websites of the publishers. We intend to provide an overview of recently published articles and books more regularly. To keep track of...


The Coat of Arms 11 (2015) part 1

A new issue of The Coat of Arms (CoA), journal of The Heraldry Society, is published and distributed this week. Of interest to medieval heraldry are articles by Sir John Baker on early heraldic harness pendants (drawing for illustration on his own collection of these items; shown here a pendant found at Fincham in Norfolk bearing the arms of Richard of Cornwall, Count of Poitou) and Robert W. Jones...


Recent Publications: Update October 2014

In this first post of this section we listed books and articles concerning medieval and early modern heraldry published since the start of 2013. If you now any interesting publications that are not in this list, please let us know, so we can include them in the next update           Books Biendiné, Dominique, Armorial de l’Ost de Flandre (1297) (Paris, 2013) Biendiné, Dominique, Armorial du...


The Coat of Arms (vol. 9)

In the course of the last month a new issue of The Coat of Arms (CoA) was published and distributed to subscribers, bringing to completion volume 9. Of interest to followers of medieval and early modern heraldry in this volume are: Adrian Ailes on heraldic and other symbols of national identity on the Great Seals and coinage of England and Scotland Lisa Jefferson on Sir Sanchet d’Abrichecourt, a founder Knight of the...


The Coat of Arms (vol. 8) II

The second part of CoA volume 8 has been issued, with several items of interest to the historian of medieval heraldry. Paul Fox examines relationships between early users of heraldry across western Europe and argues that participation in the Crusades was the common factor that prompted and hastened the spread of armorial display. Michael Hicks, professor of medieval history at Winchester University, recounts the peculiarly vehement and ultimately unsuccessful...

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