How to Contribute


If you would like to contact the editorial board of Heraldica Nova, for example if you have found something that you think is of interest for us, you have a few options to do so. You can contact us via email, send us a message on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter!


If you wish to contribute to Heraldica Nova, you first need to register as an author. To do so, please contact us at, stating your full name, the e-mail address you wish to register with, and a short note on your interests in heraldry and the topics you intend to write about. An account at will be created for you that gives you access to the backend of Heraldica Nova.

Choose Author Name

To choose the name that gets displayed as the author of a blog post, you need to first access the backend of the site with the account details you have been given:

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After you have entered your account details, another screen will appear. Click on ‘Se render sur tableau de bord’  to enter the backend of the website. To change your profile details. Click on ‘users’ and then ‘ your profile’.

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Here you can enter your first name, last name and the way your name is displayed at the website (‘Display name publicly as’). To save your details click on ‘update profile’ at the bottom of the page.

Write a Contribution

To write a contribution, click on ‘Posts’ and then on ‘New Post’:

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Here you find a word processor were you can enter your text and insert your images. You can also paste a text you have written in another word processor. A text can be saved by clicking ‘Save draft’ and the final lay-out can be viewed by clicking ‘Preview’, both at the top right of the page. If you have finished your contribution, please contact us at so the editors of Heraldica Nova can go over your post before publishing it.

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You do not have to worry about attaching tags and categories to your contribution. The editors of the Heraldica Nova will take care of that for you.

Guidelines for Contributions

Guidelines for Articles, Project Introductions, etc.

Articles, introductions of projects, posting of ideas, etc., ideally contain about 800 to 1200 words. In order to improve the readability of your contribution, please structure your article by headings and paragraphs of limited length.

Guidelines for Announcements

You can announce conferences, lectures, exhibitions, publication of books or articles on Heraldica Nova. Please include relevant information such as time/date/location/contributors/link of the conference or details of the publication as well as a short introduction to the subject of the announced event or publication and its relation to the subject of the blog.


Contributions can be submitted in English, French and German. Any contribution relevant for the overall theme of the blog, medieval and early modern heraldry in social and cultural-historical perspective, is welcome.


Since coats of arms are visual sources, authors are encouraged to enrich their contributions with images. If you do, please make sure you have the right to use these images or that the images are free of rights.


If you encounter any problems during the process of submitting your contribution, do not hesitate to contact us ( We are glad to help you.

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