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Legends in doubt – the end of medieval heraldry in the 17th century: On the continuity of medieval imaginary in early modern thought (Torsten Hiltmann) – Krems an der Donau, 16 May 2014

The proposed paper tries to offer new perspectives on the turn from the Middle Ages to modern times by not focusing on given events, but by considering the imaginary and the way of thinking during these times. This does not mean to just emphasise the medieval roots of those events which are usually used to mark the turn of times and thus to show and judge medieval foundations of...


Edition de l’armorial municipal «Compendio das Armas dos Reynos de Portugal & Algarve & das Cidades & Villas principaes deles»

L’armorial Compendio das Armas dos Reynos de Portugal & Algarve & das Cidades & Villas principaes deles (Compendium des Armes des Royaumes de Portugal & Algarve & de leurs Cités & Villes principales), oeuvre inédite de Cristóvão Alão de Morais, vient d’être publié par le Centro Lusíada de Estudos Genealógicos e Heráldicos (Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa) et par l’éditeur Caminhos Romanos. Cet auteur a jusqu’à présent été considéré, à juste titre,...


Research project: Heraldic Display and Discourse in the Early Modern Monarchy, 16th-17th Centuries

Summary The present project investigates the role of heraldry in the political culture and political representation of the early modern monarchy. It studies monarchical armorial symbolism as a dynamic visual code that was constantly reinterpreted to serve specific needs and circumstances. The royal monopolization of that visual code interfaced with the abstract notions of ‘authority’, ‘sovereignty’ and ‘dynasty’. In the process, it contributed significantly to the establishment of the...

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