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Andreas Zajic (Vienne): arma in ipsa cedula depicta. L’influence des bénéficiaires sur la conception des armoiries et l’exécution des décors enluminé dans les concessions d’armoiries impériales au XVe siècle

Dans leur étude des procédés d’expédition des actes de la chancellerie impériale, la plupart des manuels allemands de diplomatique et des études spécialisées se sont concentrés sur la période du Moyen Âge central. Jusqu’ici pourtant, la naissance d’un nouveau type de chartes impériales au cours du XIVe siècle, les lettres de concession d’armoiries, n’avait pas retenu l’attention des diplomatistes. Ces chartes, accordées aux bénéficiaires sous forme de diplôme ou...


Roland, Martin (Vienna): Illuminated charters, heraldry and artistic excellence

Artistic quality is not necessary in order to be considered a good heraldic painter. Too much creative transformation is not what a patron seeks when he orders a coat of arms. Such is the standard opinion, and this is true within the field of illuminated charters as well. But standard explanations are never sufficient for artefacts of the highest rank. And this also holds good for the field I...


International Workshop: Heraldry and Art Patronage (Cluj, Romania, 8-9 November 2013)

This workshop had already taken place, but this initiative (and the project behind it) is very interesting so that it seems to be of great interest to announce it on the blog nevertheless. Here the text from the invitation and the list of participants and their respective contributions: The Faculty of Sciences and Arts of Sapientia University Cluj-Napoca cordially invites you to the international workshop HERALDRY AND ART PATRONAGE...

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