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[Paper:] Spaces of Many-Faced Majesty. Heraldic Church Interior and the Redefinition of Rule During the Dutch Revolt (Steven Thiry)

It is commonplace that princely ensigns armorial embodied dynastic continuity and rightful territorial possession. Either impressing elites in an exclusive palace setting or showered upon the masses by the ephemeral machinery of festive spectacle, they are usually considered plain instruments of worldly domination. However, their iconography was not always that uncomplicated. The Spanish Monarchy’s heraldic patrimony in particular consisted of various symbolic conventions, evoking a strenuous history of state...


[CfA:] Batalha : lieu de mémoire de la dynastie d’Avis. À la recherche d‘une compréhension intégrée du monument et de son décor héraldique et emblématique

(For an English summary, please see below.) Non loin du lieu de la bataille d’Aljubarrota, où il avait remporté la décisive victoire du 15 août 1385 assurant ainsi l’indépendance du royaume envers son voisin castillan, le roi Jean 1er de Portugal voulut ériger un monument exceptionnel. Le monastère, dédié à Notre-Dame de la Victoire, et la ville qui grandit autour de lui furent connus par antonomase comme « Batalha...


Research project: Heraldic Display and Discourse in the Early Modern Monarchy, 16th-17th Centuries

Summary The present project investigates the role of heraldry in the political culture and political representation of the early modern monarchy. It studies monarchical armorial symbolism as a dynamic visual code that was constantly reinterpreted to serve specific needs and circumstances. The royal monopolization of that visual code interfaced with the abstract notions of ‘authority’, ‘sovereignty’ and ‘dynasty’. In the process, it contributed significantly to the establishment of the...

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