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Three Dynasties, One Armorial: Cranachs, Wettins and Habsburgs in Manchester, John Rylands Library, German MS. 2

Manchester’s John Rylands Library is the custodian of a high-quality sixteenth-century German armorial (available online) which has only recently been studied in detail for the first time. In an article for the latest issue of the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library1 I have advanced three main hypotheses concerning the genesis of German MS. 2 (henceforth Rylands German 2): that it was produced in 1565 in the renowned Wittenberg...


[Paper:] Heraldic Self-Representation in Aristocratic Residences in Rome and Lazio (1500-1630) (Andreas Rehberg)

From a note of Marcantonio Altieri, a significant representative of the upper classes of Rome around 1500, we know that the roman nobility in its palaces exposed the “antique insegne” of the relatives and family friends. Although, according to Altieri, this custom was already 200 years old, only few of these heraldic programs survived. These frescoes and ceilings originate entirely from the 16th and 17th centuries. The lecture would...


Entstanden die Wappen aufgrund veränderter Verwandtschaftsstrukturen? Eine Literatursichtung

„Ein Problem der Forschung seit dem 19. Jahrhundert ist die Entstehung der Wappen geblieben“, bemerkt Georg Scheibelreiter in seinem 2014 erschienenen Werk „Wappen im Mittelalter“, um dann zu fragen: „Sind sie nun ein Ergebnis jenes gesellschaftlichen Wandels, der das Geschlecht als vorwiegend agnatische Verwandtengemeinschaft geschaffen hat und die sich unbedingt durch ein unverwechselbares Zeichen kenntlich machen musste […]?“[1] Englischsprachige und französischsprachige Forscher, die mithilfe von Wappen die mittelalterliche Wahrnehmung...


New resources from the Genealogical Office of Ireland

Thanks to one of our readers, who kindly sent us a message, we are able to add another resource to our growing collection of heraldic documents on the internet. The Chief Herald of Ireland has recently published a series of about 35 volumes, which are available as digitised copies on the website of the National Library of Ireland. These include heraldic grants and confirmations of coats of arms, a...

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