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The Heraldry of the Weavers’ Guild of Augsburg: Mythical Origins and Everyday Display of Corporate Heraldry in Clemens Jäger’s ‘Weberchronik’

Clemens Jäger’s Weberchronik [1], a sixteenth-century chronicle dedicated to the history of the weavers’ guild of Augsburg, is a formidable example to demonstrate how urban chronicles can be used to analyse the importance of heraldry in urban society, especially in terms of coats of arms as an element of civic identity and collective representation. In this blog post, I am not so much interested in the heraldic illuminations that...

"Die Performanz der Wappen" 2

Heraldry and History – Why is there so much and at the same time so little heraldry in historical research?

I think everyone dealing with medieval heraldry and heraldic sources is aware of the important mismatch between the number of articles and contributions dealing with medieval heraldry as such and the very poor role coats of arms and heraldic sources have played in the academic historical research so far.

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