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Nouvelle parution de la revue Armas e Troféus

Publiée depuis 1932, Armas e Troféus est la plus ancienne revue portugaise d’héraldique. Éditée par l’Institut Portugais d’Héraldique, elle est, dès son origine, ouverte à des articles non seulement d’héraldique mais aussi de généalogie, d’histoire sociale et d’histoire de l’art. Depuis 2011, sous la direction de Miguel Metelo de Seixas, la revue cherche à renouer avec cette ouverture à la collaboration internationale qu’elle avait déjà connue dans les années 60...


Recent Publications: Update October 2014

In this first post of this section we listed books and articles concerning medieval and early modern heraldry published since the start of 2013. If you now any interesting publications that are not in this list, please let us know, so we can include them in the next update           Books Biendiné, Dominique, Armorial de l’Ost de Flandre (1297) (Paris, 2013) Biendiné, Dominique, Armorial du...


The Coat of Arms (vol. 8) II

The second part of CoA volume 8 has been issued, with several items of interest to the historian of medieval heraldry. Paul Fox examines relationships between early users of heraldry across western Europe and argues that participation in the Crusades was the common factor that prompted and hastened the spread of armorial display. Michael Hicks, professor of medieval history at Winchester University, recounts the peculiarly vehement and ultimately unsuccessful...


The Coat of Arms: Journal of the Heraldry Society (UK)

This month sees the issue of part 1 of Coat of Arms (CoA) 3rd series, volume 8. Founded as a quarterly in 1952, the journal now comes out twice a year and is issued to members of the Heraldry Society and to subscribing institutions. It is intended to publish original scholarly research on heraldry and allied subjects. The contents of the new issue are as follows: ‘Incipient Armory’ in...

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