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[Paper:] Marc von der Höh (Bochum), Heraldry and the City – the case of Cologne (13th-15th century)

Die Heraldik einer der größten Städte nördlich der Alpen ist bislang nicht Gegenstand einer methodisch und theoretisch zufriedenstellenden Untersuchung gewesen. Der vorgeschlagene Vortrag wird Ergebnisse einer langjährigen Beschäftigung mit der heraldischen Praxis im mittelalterlichen Köln bündeln. Dabei werden drei Aspekte besonders in den Fokus genommen: Zunächst die materialgebundene Rekonstruktion des spezifischen Zeichensystems der bürgerlichen Heraldik innerhalb der Stadt, die in Beziehung zur verwandtschaftlichen Strukturierung der Kölner Führungsschichte vom 13....


[Paper:] Christoph Dartmann (Münster/Hamburg), Heraldry as element of the visual culture of late medieval Italian cities

The density of heraldic imagery in the Italian cities of the Late Middle Ages is the result of an interaction between different aspects: The cities are places where a large number of noble families live together in a situation of permanent competition. The fierce competition of the families leads to aggressive strategies of visualization of a family’s or a person’s status. The permanent ascent of new families increases the...


[Paper:] Marta Gomes dos Santos (Coimbra),Heraldry in Portuguese Medieval Towns: A unique context?

The aim of this paper is to analyse the practice and usage of municipal heraldry in Portuguese towns from the first known municipal town seal in 1205 to the beginning of a new reign in 1495, a watershed moment for Portuguese heraldry. Through an already concluded collection and classification of extant sources (sigillographic, monumental and iconographic) it will be possible to present an iconographical mapping considering region, chronology and...


[Paper:] Katja Putzer (GNM), Heraldry in Nuremberg’s Sacred Spaces: Memorial Shields of the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times

Until today Nuremberg’s church interiors display a vast amount of coats of arms, which can be found, for example, on altars, windows and epitaphs endowed by the city’s most influential and wealthy inhabitants. Particularly outstanding, however, are the memorial shields hanging high on the pillars and walls. In the middle ages and early modern times they were made for the male dead of the city’s elite and hung up...


[Project:] In the service of the Crown: The use of heraldry in royal political communication in late medieval Portugal

Portuguese heraldry seems to have taken a rather peculiar development. Compared to other regions like France, England and Germany, in Portugal heraldry evolved quite late and astonishingly different. Despite the wealth of the sources and the surprising insights it could provide, heraldic communication in late medieval Portugal remains understudied, particularly in the rest of Europe. Thanks to generous funding by the VolkswagenStiftung, Miguel Metelo de Seixas and I set out...

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