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Lecture: The Digital Heraldry Project. A Knowledge Graph with Semantic Web Technologies and Machine Learning to study medieval visual sources

Philipp Schneider will present the Digital Heraldry Project at the DH AI Seminar at the Centre Sciences des Données at the École Normale Supérieure on Tuesday, 9 January 2024. Visual communication forms an important part of medieval and early modern european culture. Especially coats of arms were widely used in different social groups and offer an important source for cultural history. This subject is at the center of the...


[Paper] Detection, Description, Analysis – Towards an Integrated Approach to Heraldic Representations on Seals using Machine Learning and Semantic Web Technologies (Linked Pasts 6 Conference, 2 December 2020)

From 2 December to 16 December 2020, the sixth edition of the conference Linked Pasts, organised by the Institute of Classical Studies in London, will be held online. Linked Pasts is an annual conference on the use of Linked Open Data for the study of history. This year, one of the panels of the conference, organised by the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Saint Louis, will...

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