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Recent publications. Update January 2019

This list contains publications on heraldry as well as articles and books in which heraldry plays a supportive part. It provides an overview of interesting reads that have been published since our last update, including recent publications that we missed last time but definitely deserve mentioning. The overview is not complete. If you know of any new publications, please let us know by using the comment box below, and we...


“Dictionary of British Arms. Medieval Ordinary” (4 vols) available in Open Access

In four volumes, the Dictionary of British arms gathers the known coats of arms from the British Isles from the beginning of heraldry up to 1530. Unlike other instruments like the Rietstap or the Siebmacher, here the coats of arms are not arranged by the names of their bearers but – as a so called “Ordinary” – by their figures. This approach makes it much easier to identify unknwon...


Bellenville’s two armorials

The »Bellenville« armorial is one of the most famous and admired of the Middle Ages. Its production context however remains shrouded in mystery. This brief blogpost discusses the relations between its two main sections and demonstrates how focus on the material aspects of the manuscript can clarify a somewhat confusing statement in the most recent heraldic edition of the armorial. The manuscript The manuscript with the »Bellenville« armorial consists...


Out now! Editing armorials. Cooperation, knowledge and approach by late medieval practitioners

The title of these books can be interpreted both actively and passively. The active form is when one or more manuscripts are being transcribed, the arms identified and commented on, and the whole analyzed and published. Less effort may suffice and leave the armorial as just a listing of transcribed items with or without identification. More or less critical editions have been published over the years and more are...


The Bavarian Charlemagne: Communicating through attributed coats of arms

The series of Bavarian princes in a late 15th-century manuscript contains an interesting coat of arms attributed to Charlemagne. It differs slightly from the common design of his arms. This subtle variation can open a door to more insights into the function of coats of arms as a performative means of communication. Charlemagne’s arms This coat of arms of Charlemagne consists of three elements: per pale, the dexter half Or, a double-headed...


Das “Performanz der Wappen”-Projekt auf dem Historikertag 2016 (#Histag16)

Morgen startet in Hamburg der 51. Deutsche Historikertag. Auch unser von der VolkswagenStiftung gefördertes Projekt “Die Performanz der Wappen” wird mit dabei sein. Und das gleich doppelt. Zum einen wird Elmar Hofman im Rahmen der Posterausstellung des Doktorandenforums sein Dissertationsprojekt zu mittelalterlichen Wappenbüchern vorstellen. Zum anderen organisiere ich gemeinsam mit Mareike König (DHI Paris) eine Sektion und eine Posterausstellung/-session zum Thema “Was sind Digital Humanities”. Bei der Posterausstellung bin ich auch mit einem eigenen...


Digitized armorials list restructured with an expanded focus

Libraries and archives industriously digitize manuscripts and therefore our digitized armorials list is continuously expanding. Since last year, the list has grown from only a couple of entries to 70 armorials. To maintain an overview on this amount of armorials, we have decided to break the list down. It is now categorized by centuries. Clearly, the majority of the digitized armorials date from the 15th century, but hopefully more...


Recent publications – Update October 2015

In the second post of this section we listed books and articles on medieval and early modern heraldry that have been published over the last year. Behind some of the titles you can click on the link for more information on the publication, such as summaries on websites of the publishers. We intend to provide an overview of recently published articles and books more regularly. To keep track of...


[Project] Crowns, Wedding Rings and Processions: Royal State Ceremony and Representations of Authority in Medieval Early Modern Scotland

Royal ceremony in Scotland has received very haphazard research to date, with few attempts to compare how these crucial moments in the representation of royal authority developed over a number of centuries. My AHRC-funded doctoral thesis, ‘Crowns, Wedding Rings and Processions: Continuity and Change in the Representations of Scottish Royal Authority in State Ceremony c.1214 – c.1603,’ takes three key royal ceremonies – inaugurations/coronations, funerals, and weddings with consort...


Héraldique et numismatique II

The second volume of Héraldique et numismatique, Moyen Age-Temps modernes is out now. Edited by Yvan Loskoutoff, this work deals with the interesting theme of the uses of heraldry on coins, medals and seals. It contains twelve contributions that treat the various aspects of this topic from the 12th to the 17th centuries. The book concentrates on three geographical areas. The first four articles have their focus on France,...


To the Glory of God and Personal Pride. Monuments with Heraldic Programmes as Expression of Art Patronage in Late Medieval Transylvania

Transylvania is one of the most eastern historical regions of Europe where from the Middle Ages heraldry was present in its whole complexity. Its connection to the Western Civilisation is furthermore demonstrated by the presence of its heraldic heritage in the great corpus on heraldry initiated by Johann Siebmacher (Das grosses und allgemeines Wappenbuch. Der Adel von Siebenbürgen. Nürnberg, 1898). A great number of arms have been discovered since...


[conference sessions] “Medieval Heraldry Revisited I-III”. Three Sessions at the International Medieval Congress Leeds 2013

Here is the programme of the tree sessions on medieval heraldry I’m organising at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds this year, which will take place 1-4 July. This sessions will in some way mark the start of my new research project “The performance of coats of arms” granted by VolkswagenStiftung: Session 107 (Monday, 1 July 2013, 11.15-12.45) Parkinson Building: Classics Library