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Welcome to the Blog: Let’s put a new light on medieval heraldry!

By the end of the Middle Ages, coats of arms were ubiquitous. Executed in stone, wood, stained glass and textiles or presented as textual descriptions, they penetrated virtually every public and private space. Deriving from the arbitrary signs borne on the shields of 12th century knights in battle and tournament, they had rapidly evolved into a highly complex and extremely powerful system of symbolic representation and were now available...


Research Project: Coats of arms in practice. The history of heraldic communication in late medieval culture and society (12th to 15th centuries)

Summary: The aim of this project is to reassess medieval heraldry from a historical perspective. Drawing on cultural history in its approach, it shall unlock the value of heraldic sources and make them available to medieval scholarship. Combining the analysis of images, artefacts and architecture with written sources, and drawing together history, art history and philology, the project addresses the central question of how these once arbitrary signs could...

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