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[CfA] #inspireHeraldicaNova: Help us to make good things better!

For almost two years now Heraldica Nova has been around. We set out to create an interactive platform for people interested in research on cultural history and heraldry, and the feedback from you, our readers, has been extraordinarily positive. Ever since then, our audience kept growing—in January, we welcomed 5,000 unique visitors on our blog. A retrospect: research, resources, methods We want to offer scholars the chance to present...


Redefining Heraldica Nova: New Stucture and Content

New Heraldica Nova Heraldica Nova is a blog that wishes to create a platform for everybody interested in approaching medieval and early modern heraldry from a cultural-historical perspective. Next to hosting articles, publishing ideas and creating a platform for discussions, it aims to provide information and hints for people doing heraldic research. In order to focus on these aims, the editors of Heraldica Nova have altered the structure of the...


Welcome to the Blog: Let’s put a new light on medieval heraldry!

By the end of the Middle Ages, coats of arms were ubiquitous. Executed in stone, wood, stained glass and textiles or presented as textual descriptions, they penetrated virtually every public and private space. Deriving from the arbitrary signs borne on the shields of 12th century knights in battle and tournament, they had rapidly evolved into a highly complex and extremely powerful system of symbolic representation and were now available...

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