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‘Heraldic Artists and Painters’ volume is now forthcoming!

I am pleased to announce that the first volume of our new ‘Heraldic Studies’ series has now been sent off to the printers and will be published just in time for Christmas! Under the title ‘Heraldic Artists and Painters in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times’, Laurent Hablot and I present a collection of fourteen English and French papers bringing together contributions from our Poitiers conference in 2014...


Report of the conference ‘Peintres et artistes heraldistes au Moyen Âge / Heraldic artists and painters in the Middle Ages’ – Poitiers 10-11 April 2014

The fourth edition of the ‘Journées d’études héraldiques’ was dedicated to the heraldic artist. Well-known artists such as Donatello, the Limbourg brothers and Barthélemy van Eyck were engaged in heraldic and emblematic depictions, but most of the heraldic presentations were produced by a large number of artists that have been living under the historical radar. In fact, the role these artists played in the heraldic depictions of the Middle...


Programme: Heraldic artists and painters in the Middle Ages / Peintres et artistes héraldistes au Moyen Age (Poitiers, 10-11 April 2014)

When it comes to heraldic depictions in the Middle Ages, the role of the artists has been neglected for a long time. However, it is well known that the most famous painters and sculptors of their time were commissioned to carry out such depictions that played an important part in the public representation of the prince. The big names of art history such as the Limbourg brothers, Donatello, Pisanello,...


Rapport des Journées d’études héraldiques “Les partages héraldiques au Moyen Age, réflexions et perspectives” organisées par Laurent Hablot (Poitiers)

Les 11 et 12 juin dernier se sont tenues à Poitiers les 3e journées d’études héraldiques consacrées cette année au thème des partages héraldiques. Une quinzaine de chercheurs européens, comptant parmi les meilleurs spécialistes actuels, se sont retrouvés pour confronter leurs analyses des diverses situations qui conduisent un même individu à porter dans ses armoiries celles conjointes de sa famille et d’un tiers …. pour lire la suite voir:...

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