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Thorsten Hutwelker, Die Darstellung des Rangs in Wappen und Wappenrollen des späten Mittelalters

Can one determine the rank of a person through his coats of arms? Can armorials be used to examine social hierarchy? These are the exciting questions posed by Thorsten Huthwelker in his book Die Darstellung des Rangs in Wappen und Wappenrollen des späten Mittelalters. He has chosen an interesting as well as a difficult object of study and this review will discuss whether Huthwelker managed to tackle the many...


Review on T. Huthwelker, Die Darstellung des Rangs in Wappen und Wappenrollen published on H-Soz-u-Kult

My review on Thorsten Huthwelker’s study on the representation of rank in late medieaval coats of arms and armorials has been published yesterday on H-Soz-u-Kult, the central online information and communication platform for historians in the German-speaking area. In his study, Thorsten Huthwelker tries to answer the questions “In what way did coats of arms could reveal the rang of their bearer?” and “To what extent did medieval armorials...


[conference] Wappenbriefe und Standeserhöhungsurkunden als Ausdruck europäischen Kulturtransfers? Beiträge zur diplomatischen Norm und sozialen Praxis im späten Mittelalter/Grants of Arms and Patents of Nobility as Expressions of a European Cultural Transfer?

This interesting conference was announced on H-Soz-Kult. It has already taken place, nevertheless I’d like to indicate it here, looking forward to the upcomming conference report :

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