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[Paper:] Heraldic Self-Representation in Aristocratic Residences in Rome and Lazio (1500-1630) (Andreas Rehberg)

From a note of Marcantonio Altieri, a significant representative of the upper classes of Rome around 1500, we know that the roman nobility in its palaces exposed the “antique insegne” of the relatives and family friends. Although, according to Altieri, this custom was already 200 years old, only few of these heraldic programs survived. These frescoes and ceilings originate entirely from the 16th and 17th centuries. The lecture would...


[Paper:] Emiliano Bultrini (Rome), The power and its symbolism: Nobility, heraldry and topography in Rome between the 12th and 14th centuries

Since the last quarter of the Thirteenth century in Rome began a slow, but steady, use of Heraldry by the urban aristocracy. In particular, the most prominent aristocratic Roman baronial families, such as Colonna Orsini or Savelli, use it everywhere possible. An accomplice of this attitude was, also, influenced by the Angevin court following the French victory at Tagliacozzo. However, if on the one hand, it seems that the...

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