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[Project] Crowns, Wedding Rings and Processions: Royal State Ceremony and Representations of Authority in Medieval Early Modern Scotland

Royal ceremony in Scotland has received very haphazard research to date, with few attempts to compare how these crucial moments in the representation of royal authority developed over a number of centuries. My AHRC-funded doctoral thesis, ‘Crowns, Wedding Rings and Processions: Continuity and Change in the Representations of Scottish Royal Authority in State Ceremony c.1214 – c.1603,’ takes three key royal ceremonies – inaugurations/coronations, funerals, and weddings with consort...


The Power of Pedigree: The Stewart Dynasty and the Foundations of Royal Authority (Katie Stevenson)

This project provides a new understanding of the ways in which history was created and utilised in late medieval Scotland  – a key period in the nation’s past, when it was fully independent and a significant power in Europe. It concentrates on the period between the accession of the first Stewart king in 1371 and 1562, shortly after the return to Scotland of Mary Queen of Scots. The project...

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